Thanksgiving with Braeburn Wealth Management

Happy Thanksgiving!  Recently, we came across a poem that reminded us of all there is to be grateful for.  It’s about the little things in life and why they matter.  In honor of Thanksgiving, we thought we’d share it with you.  The author seems to be unknown, but we think their words are a good reminder of why we give thanks the way we do.

The Things I Cannot Do Without

When I was young, I thought I knew
What life was all about;
I thought I knew what mattered
There wasn’t any doubt.

Fame and fortune I would gain,
Rich finery I’d wear,
And photos of my exploits,
Were all I cared to share. 

Money, mansions, clothes and cars
Were the treasures of those days.
Exotic trips, expensive gifts,
My neighbor’s envious gaze. 

Wealth and status did I crave,
Plus title, rank, and clout.
I thought it was such grand things
That I could not do without.

But as spring made way for summer,
And summer turned to fall,
A strange and curious thing I learned:
These were not my needs at all.

It started with a lover’s kiss,
And then the words, “I do.”
It followed with a baby’s laugh,
Those big eyes bright and new. 

And then, before I knew it,
I started to take care
To notice all the little things
Life sprinkles everywhere. 

A family to adventure with,
Friends over at my place,
A cherished colleague’s handshake,
My neighbor’s smiling face. 

The flowers in my garden,
The hills and mountains tall,
The coolness of a shade tree,
A songbird’s trilling call. 

The orange glow at sunset,
The warmth of a sunrise,
The moon that bathes the nighttime,
The stars that fill the skies. 

All these routine happenings
We call normal and mundane
are the gifts life gives to us,
As vital as the rain. 

As the Earth’s made out of elements,
And a body out of of cells,
Life is made of little things:
Sights, sounds, tastes, and smells.

Remind me, then, to give thanks
For all things sweet and small;
For without these tiny little things
We’d have no joy at all.

And when a new Thanksgiving comes,
I’ll whisper, and I’ll shout:
That now I know it’s little things
I cannot do without. 

On behalf of our team, we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and a happy holiday season!


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